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    With the recent news on the flooding in Huntington, West Virginia, Cabell County and the predictions of a couple more heavy rains, we offer our emergency tree service to help you clean up and prevent any more damage.

    Natural calamities bring considerable destruction to life and properties. The post-calamity situation leads to road closures, power outages, storm debris, and falling trees.

    Emergency responders are trying to provide resources to aid residents in recovery. And as a tree company, we take part in the speedy assistance for our clients. Our team of emergency tree professionals respond to you 24/7 to address your tree concerns.

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    Post-Calamity Clean Up

    Post-Calamity Clean Up

    Natural disasters such as storms and floods can wreak havoc on trees. After a heavy rain, lightning strike, or storm, you should assess if there are trees that fell on your home, car, and powerlines.

    Also, assess if there are broken tree limbs or branches and trees almost falling over. If yes, you need an instant call to a licensed emergency tree removal service.

    Whether big or small trees, dead or downed by storms, don’t wait until another damage is up. Our qualified tree specialists are responsive to your emergency needs with the assurance of extensive tree care service.

    Our company’s objective is to restore your house or business to normal as fast as possible. The response time for our emergency callout service is 24 hours. We will help you clean up your post-calamity situation.

    Emergency Removal of Dangerous Tree

    Dangerous Tree Removal

    With years of expertise and a team of skilled arborists and tree specialists, we provide Dangerous Tree Removal to customers throughout Huntington, West Virginia, and Cabell County.

    With our first-rate experience and equipment, we will securely and efficiently remove your trees without causing any property damage. We are proud of our excellent precautions and continue educating our employees so that you can get the most satisfactory service possible.

    We can remove potentially hazardous trees in your house. These trees could have extreme trunk damage or stand on eroded soil and pose impending harm to you and your property.

    In addition, we provide tree stump grinding, tree stump removal, and tree pruning services for your yard. Thus, after every tree removal, you know you are left with no worries.

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    Emergency Removal of a Sick Tree

    Sick Trees

    Untreated tree diseases may do significant harm to your trees. It may result in tree weakening, instability, or death. Indicators of a potentially diseased tree include fragile or flaking bark, irregular foliage, fading leaves, dying branches, carpenter ants, fungus, and brittle roots.

    If you have an infected tree, you should consult a trained arborist. Before it might create damage, they can evaluate your tree for emergency tree service suitable for its current condition.

    You may avert hazardous problems by routinely inspecting your trees and fixing any issues as soon as possible. Our qualified and insured emergency tree services can assist you with all of your sick tree needs.

    Our crew of licensed arborists is highly trained and prepared to provide emergency tree care around the clock. We offer the necessary equipment and personnel to meet all your tree care requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

    How much will your services cost if we avail them?

    We provide competitive and fair pricing for our emergency tree services. However, we cannot provide you with a specific cost since it depends on the condition of your trees.

    We evaluate variables that will affect the scope of our services, such as the complexity of the tree’s situation, size, the number of trees involved, and other external factors. We do an in-depth assessment and suggest the best service suitable for your tree.

    Is it permissible to chop down dangerously leaning trees in Huntington, West Virginia?

    Yes. The Urban Forestry Regulations of Huntington provide that if a city determines that a public tree constitutes a danger to public health and safety, the city may order that the tree be destroyed or treated promptly to protect the public’s health and safety.

    The city may find that a public tree is dangerous and require that it be removed or treated immediately to safeguard public health and public safety. If a tree threatens public safety and health within or blocks any public road, it must be removed.

    What prompts emergency tree services such as removal and cleanup?

    The most common reason is the after-effects of calamities where trees are leaning on properties or blocking roads and highways. Be it big or small trees; an expert tree service provider is needed as we handle the task with precision and care.

    Another reason for emergency tree service is when old, dying, or dead trees are causing danger or impending harm to your life and property. Of course, these are serious tasks that need the assistance of tree experts.

    Does insurance cover damage to a vehicle or house caused by a falling tree?

    Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover property damage caused by a fallen tree, including damage to your home, fence, driveway, and even your neighbor’s vehicle. It should be covered if the tree causes damage protected by your policy’s “falling object” clause.

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