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    Trees are sanctuaries. Due to its undeniable benefits to your home, the goal is to preserve them at all costs. However, some instances require you to make a decision to remove them for good. This decision may be prompted by the tree’s disease, hazards, and even death.

    Whatever it is, our professional team of arborists are devoted to your tree removal need. We dedicate our service to your satisfaction and safety. We take advantage of every tree project to hone our skills and deliver only seamless results.

    Our certification demonstrates our commitment to safety and professionalism as a tree service business in Huntington, West Virginia, Cabell County. Contact us today, and we’re happy to help!

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    Tree Evaluation


    To provide you with the best service, we do a thorough assessment of your tree’s present health and the surrounding environment.

    Owing to our in-depth pre-removal assessments, you won’t be left with any unexpected and unneeded repairs. Our thorough approach to tree removal has earned us the most trusted firm in the industry in Huntington and nearby areas.

    Notably, Huntington was recently awarded the Tree City USA Community because of its first-rate efforts in preserving its tress- making the city clean and green.

    In view of this, we also participate in the city’s effort! We do an extensive evaluation to see if your tree actually needs removal or just trimming or pruning. If so, we would recommend what service best suits your tree.

    Whether it is tree removal, tree pruning, or tree trimming, we are professionals with decades of experience. You’re in safe hands.

    Budget Estimation and Planning


    After doing the assessment, we estimate the budget and plan the entire removal project. We consider factors like:

        • Location
        • Equipment needs
        • Client requirements
        • Dimensions of the tree 
        • Security and threat issues

    Our tree removal services are competitively priced, and we also provide free quotations for consumers who wish to learn more about our services before making a commitment. 

    Tree Removal


    The tree removal service we do involves a detailed method that differentiates us from the other. We are meticulous in our projects as this job poses a risk to your property. We make it easier for you by guaranteeing that our staff is well-trained and prepared.

    For your peace of mind, we are bonded, licensed, and insured. Being licensed and insured gives you the piece of security that you deserve, regardless of the possibility of an accident occurring.

    If you’ve got a tree that needs removal, shoot us a message! Similarly, branches that pose a danger to persons and buildings may also be pruned during the tree removal procedure.

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    Dead Trees

    Dead Trees

    There is no task too big or too little for the removal services for a dead tree in Huntington or nearby areas. Whether you need help with a huge or small project, we deliver and never disappoint. To accommodate your hectic schedule, we offer a variety of appointment times.

    Diseased Tree Huntington

    Diseased Tree

    Hire an arborist to take a tree down due to its disease.

    Article 917.07 of Huntington’s Urban Forestry Regulations provides explicitly the need to take down a tree that has a contagious disease. It is considered a public nuisance that requires the attention of homeowners and residents.

    Contact us today, and we’ll help you eliminate the dangers of a sick tree through our professional tree removal service.

    Emergency Tree Huntington

    Emergency Removal

    We also specialize in emergency tree removal in Huntington. Based on the city’s ordinance, an emergency declaration may be issued by the mayor if a storm, fire, or flood threatens public safety and necessitates an exemption from the permit requirements.
    In the event that a city determines that a public tree constitutes a danger to public health and safety, the city may order that the tree be destroyed or treated promptly to protect the public’s health and safety.
    As experts in this field, we deliver quality tree service when it comes to emergency removal. Your personal safety is always our priority.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

    Is it expensive to remove a tree in Huntington, West Virginia?

    It depends on the tree that needs removal. Prior to hiring a tree service provider, you must call us first for us to make our assessment of your tree. It is hard for us to give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your project until we account for the details.


    Is it possible for me to take the tree down by myself?

    It is possible but never advisable. Many things may go wrong when you attempt to remove a tree on your own. Let me break it to you- you don’t have the right equipment and sufficient skills and human resources to take on this job effectively.

    Hence, always engage a competent and experienced expert when removing trees. Our tree removal services ensure that the job is efficient, brilliant, and top-quality.

    Does North Carolina allow me to cut down trees myself on my own property?

    Based on Huntington’s Urban Forestry Regulations, permits are needed only for public trees.
    Unless a permit is obtained, no one can remove a public tree without doing so in accordance with the provision or by replacing the tree with a tree of equal value, taking into account the circumstances.

    The city will use published International Society of Arboriculture guidelines to assess trees’ monetary value (Guide For Establishing Values of Trees and Other Plants, Sixth Edition).

    If a suitable replacement tree cannot be found near the removed tree, or if the replacement tree has a lower value, the person responsible for the removal of the tree must pay the city the difference between the value of the removed tree and the value of any replacement tree.

    Which trees can’t be removed without government permission?

    Ordinance 11-14-88 requires permits before the removal of a tree from the city right-of-way for whatever reason. Thus, you must first file a permit and comply with the orders for tree replacement. Such replacement must fulfill the specifications prescribed by the city.